Två internationella konferenser med anknytning till vårdbyggnadsforskning hålls i Rotterdam i juni respektive i Edinburg i september 2010.

Innovation in health assets strategy, architecture and finance for sustainable healthcare
Rotterdam, 6–9 June 2010

A European Congress that addresses challenges for the worldwide healthcare planning and design community, organised by the Dutch Centre for Health Assets in partnership with the European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture. 6-9 June 2010, Congress Centre De Doelen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The theme of the congress is ‘innovation in health assets strategy, architecture and finance for sustainable healthcare’. The main question which will be addressed in this congress is how the built environment will interact with the changing needs of the European healthcare sector. The new global financial situation is influencing public and private decisions and is making room for innovative solutions to create sustainable health assets in the wider Europe.

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HaCIRIC10 Better healthcare through better infrastructure
Edinburgh, 22-24 September 2010

This event aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from across disciplines and countries to focus on key challenges in the provision of healthcare infrastructure for the 21st century:

Stimulating innovation through new finance and delivery models
• How do procurement, contractual and financing models – and targets and incentives – influence innovation in healthcare infrastructure and services?

Managing change and innovation
• How do you better support the adoption, spread and sustainability of innovations in healthcare services and infrastructure systems?

Innovation impacts – outcomes and processes
• What is the relationship between innovation in infrastructure / services and health outcomes, and how do we capture the potential and realised value delivered by innovative infrastructure and services?

Design and decision making
• How can we develop more integrated approaches to planning healthcare infrastructure and services?

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